Veronica Vasquez Garcia, the CEO of DanceMindsLLC™ and founder of JMM Dance Co.™ non-profit 501c3, is an entrepreneur, dance teacher and fitness professional. She can step into any classroom and immediately capture her audience’s attention. Her biggest asset is in creating recreational dance programs and curriculum where none exist. She loves teaching people and believes dance is a tool for personal development; this is the fundamental for all her programs. A passionate entrepreneur who has been selling and negotiating since she could remember. A past Quinceanera herself, this program hits home base for Veronica as it is a part of her culture and who she is. Besides choreographing her own Quince dances, Veronica taught her first paid Quinceanera at the age of 18 and since then she has worked with hundreds of kids planning their Quinceañeras, Cotilions and Debutante’s after years of coming across an unclear system, confused clients in the market and unclear boundaries she observed from her fellow colleagues she decided she needed to set a standard and help these girls and their friends get the quality dance education they deserve. Veronica invented a formula with a clear structure that is most effective and realistic for the commitment and experience of these fellow teens who have very big dreams for their dances, but not such clear understanding of the hard work, commitment and financial investment this takes. So she created “La Quinceanera Dance Program” owned by DanceMinds,LLC™ Learn more about other programs by DanceMIndsLLC